Our Mission:

DAIReXNET is a national, extension-driven Web resource designed to meet the educational and decision-making needs of dairy producers, allied industry partners, extension educators, and consumers.

Our Goals:

◆ To provide relevant, cutting-edge information and learning opportunities that are science-based and peer-reviewed.
◆ To develop educational materials and learning opportunities that address the needs of all segments of the dairy industry.
◆ To create collaboration among dairy industry professionals resulting in a resource that provides valuable and valued educational materials benefiting the user.
◆ To be a resource that responds promptly to requests for new information from the dairy industry and to changes in the industry.

Key DAIReXNET Resources:

■ Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and user-submitted queries on various aspects of dairy cattle production.
■ Ask the Expert: Users ask dairy professionals questions when answers are not available in the FAQs or resource material.
■ Current in-depth, peer-reviewed articles covering various topics in dairy production.
■ State and regional dairy newsletters, the latest news releases, and highlighted news stories from across the country.
■ Longer term, DAIReXNET will also provide spreadsheets, calculators, decision-making tools, and online learning modules.

Our Leadership:

Leadership for this community of practice is provided by 10 dairy extension professionals from across the United States. Additionally, our subject areas are led by 13 dairy experts from across the country. Two hundred and seven dairy professionals representing 35 universities and allied industries and including the top 25 dairy states are participating in DAIReXNET.


Your Feedback:

We hope that you will find this resource and the educational materials contained within it to be useful. We welcome your feedback about DAIReXNET or any of the other websites in the eXtension network.