Dairy Cattle Nutrition of Milking and Dry Dairy Cows

Feed costs for the dairy cattle herd represent 50 to 60% of the total cost associated with the production of milk. In addition, properly implemented dairy cattle nutrition programs can improve milk production, health, and reproductive performance of dairy cows for both the milking herd and dry cows. In this section, articles on various aspects of dairy cow nutrition and feeding and dairy feeding management are provided. Articles pertaining to acidosis and lameness in dairy cattle, feed additives, the use of by-products in dairy cattle diets, fats, water quality, protein nutrition, minerals and vitamins, feeding management, troubleshooting nutritional problems, and forage information for dairy diets are available below.

Nutrition of Milking and Dry Cows Videos


  1. Acidosis and Laminitis
  2. Additives
  3. Animal Health
  4. Byproducts
  5. Carbohydrates
  6. Dry and Transition Cows
  7. Fats
  8. Feed Program Management
  9. Feedstuffs Management
  10. Forages
  11. Heat Stress
  12. Managing Feed Costs
  13. Milk Composition
  14. Minerals and Vitamins
  15. Protein
  16. Troubleshooting Tools
  17. Water

Acidosis and Laminitis


Animal Health




Dry and Transition Cows


Feed Program Management

Feedstuffs Management


Heat Stress

Managing Feed Costs

Milk Composition

Minerals and Vitamins


Troubleshooting Tools