Welcome to Dairy-L

Dairy-L is a forum dedicated to providing factual information to its subscribers with a minimum of speculation, grandstanding, and pushing of a one-sided agenda. All points of view are welcome; however, repeated pressuring on a point and personal attacks are undesirable aspects of online forums that we seek to minimize. This has resulted in the operation of a well-respected source of information for the global dairy community.

As a new subscriber to Dairy-L, you should know that Dairy-L may not operate like other lists to which you may have subscribed. As co-moderators of this list, we strongly recommend that you do a couple of things to get familiar with Dairy-L and the listserv software.

Messages sent to Dairy-L must be signed with your name, email address, and general location (state or province in the United States or Canada, and country elsewhere). If messages are not signed, the moderators will not distribute the messages or contact you. The responsibility rests on you.

We suggest that you send an email message according to the following instructions. Please read and save the files. They contain important instructions for Dairy-L. Also, save the generic welcome message from the listserv software. That contains important instructions for using the listserv software commands.

Send an email message to listserv@listserv.umd.edu.

Put the following lines in the body of the message:
                GET ARCHIVE TXT
                GET NETTIQ TXT
                INDEX DAIRY-L

You will be sent three files in three separate email messages.

If you have any questions, please contact any of us at the information below. Welcome to Dairy-L, and enjoy this valuable resource.

Kiera Finucane
University of Maryland

Warren Gilson
University of Georgia