Transition Cow Webinars Now Available on Youtube!

If you’re familiar with DAIReXNET, you may have already perused our extensive collection of recorded webinars. But did you know that we have been putting this collection on Youtube? Now you can easily watch webinars on your computer, phone, or even your TV! To get you started, here’s a small selection of our excellent educational presentations on transition cow issues.


Let’s start with nutrition and reproduction, and how the one affects the other. In this presentation, Milo Wiltbank discusses some studies on the effects nutrition can have on reproduction for high-efficiency dairy cattle. You can learn about important time periods to focus on, the effect of vitamin E on reproductive performance, dry period nutrition and post-partum body condition, and more!


Next, we’ll move on to ketosis. Ketosis is the most common metabolic disease in dairy cattle, and it’s important to be able to identify individual cows with ketosis as well as monitor herd prevalence. In this video, Dr. Oetzel discusses the testing process, including which tests can be used, the pros and cons of different tests, and testing strategies you may be able to use.


Speaking of metabolic diseases affecting transition cows, this two-part series on hypocalcemia will first walk you through subclinical hypocalcemia and its causes.With Jesse Goff as your guide, you can learn about the implications of subclinical hypocalcemia on cow health, including possible effects on the immune system. Then, learn about various aspects of treating and preventing subclinical hypocalcemia. In addition to the efficacy of dietary means of prevention, Dr. gary Oetzel covers oral calcium supplements and how the calcium source can affect response.





In one our our more recent dairy videos, Dr. Stephen LeBlanc discusses various aspects of metritis in dairy cows. This includes the contributing factors, such as lowered feed intake, bacterial loads, and various stressors, as well as diagnostic methods. He also covers the impact of metritis and efficacy of some of the available treatment options.