Air Emissions After Manure Land Application Including Subsurface Application of Poultry Litter and Solid Manure

When manure is land applied there are many different gases emitted, including greenhouse gases and those that contribute to odors. How much is emitted and how does that change with different application methods? This presentation was originally broadcast on September 18, 2009. More…

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Gaseous Emissions Following Land Application of Manures

Curtis Dell, USDA ARS (16 minutes)

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Monitoring Manure

Ethanol Co-Products Impact on Manure Nutrient Management Webcast

The rapidly expanding ethanol industry is producing increasing amounts of corn co-products that will be used in livestock and poultry diets. Inclusion of distillers grains and corn gluten feed in diets alter excretion of nitrogen and phosphorous in manure and therefore impacts nutrient planning. This webcast will explain how feeding ethanol co-products may impact manure nutrient management. The speakers are Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University who will discuss the impacts for swine and poultry operations. Considerations for beef and dairy …