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The success of a heifer-rearing program can be evaluated by monitoring the height and weight of calves and …

Raising Dairy Replacements:Heifer Fundamentals

Heifer Fundamentals is a chapter from the book Raising Dairy Replacements.

The primary focus of rearing heifers is to grow and develop heifers as quickly
and cost effectively as possible without negatively influencing animal health
and lifetime productivity. When developing heifer management plans, it is
important to understand key management concepts such as heifer growth,
mammary development, puberty, calving age, and body weight at calving.

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Labor Management for Heifer Rearing


Monitoring Dairy Heifer Growth

Raising dairy heifers to an adequate size and with an age at first calving between 22 and 24 months can optimize profitable milk production. This achievable goal requires proper nutrition and feeding management so heifers are large enough to breed at 13 to 15 months old. Both contract heifer growers and dairy producers who raise their own replacements should follow these breeding and calving age guidelines.

On many dairy farms, heifer management is not the most critical part of the …