Methane Emissions from Dairy Cattle

Reprinted, with permission, from the proceedings of: Mitigating Air Emissions From Animal Feeding Operations Conference.

This Technology is Applicable To:

Species: Dairy
Use Area: Animal Housing
Technology Category: Diet Modification
Air Mitigated Pollutants: Methane

System Summary

There are a large number of options that can potentially be used to mitigate methane emissions from dairy cattle. The basic result of using these approaches is an improvement in the efficiency of nutrient use in the animal and increased productivity. Methane emissions …

Air Emissions After Manure Land Application Including Subsurface Application of Poultry Litter and Solid Manure

When manure is land applied there are many different gases emitted, including greenhouse gases and those that contribute to odors. How much is emitted and how does that change with different application methods? This presentation was originally broadcast on September 18, 2009. More…

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Gaseous Emissions Following Land Application of Manures

Curtis Dell, USDA ARS (16 minutes)

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Monitoring Manure

Carbon Footprint of Animal Agriculture Webcast

logo for animal agriculture climate change which includes a weather vane with cow and topMany people are concerned about greenhouse gases and climate change. The carbon footprint of animal agriculture is an issue being used by many to encourage people to eat less meat. What is the true footprint of US animal production? How does production efficiency impact the numbers? This presentation was originally broadcast on July 31, 2009. More…

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What Is a Carbon Footprint?

Jude Capper, Washington …