Impact of Genetic Selection on Female Fertility



Prospects for improving female fertility in dairy cattle via genetic selection are reviewed. Today’s high-producing cows have …

Genetic Improvement of Dairy Cow Longevity


Dairy Cattle Inbreeding



The mating of related individuals is called inbreeding. New dairy animals created by AI or natural service inherit a random sampling of the genetic …

Complete and Accurate Recording of Calving Ease and Stillbirth Data is Key

Two of the biggest headaches, as well as financial drains, on a modern dairy farm are calving complications and stillborn calves. Heifers and cows that go through a difficult calving tend to have impaired health, fertility, and production in the following lactation. Death of the calf or its dam can also occur, and calving difficulty is a leading cause of stillbirths. However, many normal-sized calves that are born without complications are also stillborn or die shortly thereafter. Substantial variation exists …

Net Merit and Its Use in Genetic Improvement Programs



Improvement of food animal species through genetic selection began long ago, but little genetic progress was made in dairy cattle until four major developments occurred in the 20th century. First was the development of a national milk recording system, known as the Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) program, that …

Dairy Crossbreeding: Why and How

There has been some renewed interest in dairy crossbreeding as it offers some important advantages. Learn more about why you should consider crossbreeding and how crossbreeding works here.