Subject Area Leaders

DAIReXNET Subject Area Leaders

Business Management and Farm Labor

  • Dianne Shoemaker, The Ohio State University

Calf and Heifer Management

  • Amy Stanton, University of Wisconsin


  • Rick Norell, University of Idaho

Food Safety

  • Jerry Jones, Emeritus, Virginia Tech


  • Mike Schutz, Purdue University

Health and Diseases

  • Julie Smith, University of Vermont

Mastitis and Milking Management

  • Ron Erskine, Michigan State University

Materials for Spanish-speaking Dairy Workers/Materiales en español

  • Mireille Chahine, University of Idaho

Milk Marketing

Nutrient Management

  • Joe Harrison, Washington State University

Nutrition of Milking and Dry Cows

  • Maurice Eastridge, The Ohio State University


  • Joe Dalton, University of Idaho