Instructions for Joining or Leaving Dairy-L

Subscribing to Dairy-L

  1. Send an email message to
  2. Modify the following line and put it in the body of the message and NOT the subject:
                                      SUB Dairy-L First name Last name

For example, if your name is Jane Doe, you would send a message with the following line in the body of the message:

SUB Dairy-L Jane Doe

The listserv software will send you an acknowledgment of your subscription to Dairy-L and provide you with some key instructions for its use.

Sending a Message to Dairy-L

After you have subscribed to Dairy-L, you may wish to send a message or request for information to the other Dairy-L members. To do that, you send a message to:

Put an appropriate subject in that section of your message and then type your message or question in the body of the text. All messages are required to include a full signature from the sender. A full signature includes:

  • name,
  • general location (state/province if North America; country if not North America), and
  • email address.

You will not see a copy of your own Dairy-L message, but the other members each get a copy. You do, however, get an acknowledgment from the listserv software that your message has been distributed.

Unsubscribing from Dairy-L

To unsubscribe from Dairy-L:

  1. Send a message to
  2. Put the following line in the body of the message:
                        signoff Dairy-L

If you have problems, it’s probably because your email address doesn’t match exactly what the listserv software recorded when you subscribed. You’ll need to contact Kiera Finucane to handle this problem manually.

Kiera A. Finucane
University of Maryland
3101 Animal Sciences Building
College Park, MD 20742
Ph: 301-405-1392

Fax: 301-405-8831

Dairy-L Moderators

Kiera Finucane
Extension Coordinator, University of Maryland

Warren Gilson
Professor, University of Georgia 

Alvaro Garcia
Professor, South Dakota State University

Matt Lange

Sam Leadley
Calf/Heifer Management Consultant, Attica Veterinary Associates, Attica, NY

Sam Peterson
Senior Lecturer, Massey University, New Zealand

Mike Roberts
Extension Associate, North Carolina State University

Ian Rumbles
Director of Research and Development for CanWest DHI

Jeff Semler
Senior Agent, University of Maryland Extension

Amy Throndsen
Director of Marketing and Business Development, Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds

Roy Williams
Research biologist focused on neonatal bovine disorders