Dairy Cow Synchronization Protocol Sheet

Author Information

Matthew Lucy1 and Joseph Dalton2
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
2University of Idaho, Caldwell, ID



Artificial insemination (AI) has been integral in reducing disease transmission, allowing for genetic selection, and increasing the milk yield of dairy cattle. To help dairy producers, veterinarians, and industry professionals make informed decisions related to synchronization protocols to facilitate AI, the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) has created a dairy cattle synchronization protocol sheet. The protocol sheet was developed by an ad hoc committee of scientists and veterinarians at academic institutions. Members of the original ad hoc committee included Matt Lucy (University of Missouri), Ricardo Chebel (University of Minnesota), Paul Fricke (University of Wisconsin), Joe Dalton (University of Idaho), and Scott Poock (University of Missouri). A larger group of industry professionals, veterinarians, and scientists evaluated and helped revise the document prior to release in 2011.

The two-page document outlines established synchronization protocols that may help dairy producers improve on-farm reproductive performance. The document is intended for educational purposes as dairy producers, veterinarians, and industry professionals work together to make reproductive management decisions; the DCRC (and DAIReXNET) does not endorse one protocol over another, nor does DCRC (or DAIReXNET) endorse synchronization protocols over any of the other approaches to dairy cattle reproduction. The protocol sheet will be reviewed annually by representatives from the DCRC. New protocols will be included when they are validated in controlled studies.

For the full article text, please visit http://www.dcrcouncil.org/protocols/


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